"Very impressed with the idea of Wellness Underground! Very creative and shows passion and courage of the developers."

— 2016 Workshop Attendee

"Aaaaah! I JUST heard about you all and your workshop and apparently we are of like minds! I have been looking for a group like Wellness Underground!"

— D.W.

"Wellness Underground 2016 was an inspiring event that was totally different from the typical conference experience, a forum for positive disruption in our industry. It provided an atmosphere that promoted connection in a more meaningful way with fellow wellness professionals, more in-depth sharing of ideas, more interactive dialogue about the issues our industry is facing, and a place to build relationships with like minded people. I’ve stayed in touch with many of the amazing people I met there. It was also an opportunity to deepen my relationship with colleagues I’ve known for years. I’m very much looking forward to attending in 2017."

 - M.S. 2016 Workshop Attendee


"I was delighted to be able to be a speaker to such an enthusiastic group of professionals who cared deeply about their industry. I also enjoyed workshopping with this group since they were so committed to learning and improving how they communicated their "cause" both internally and externally. I credit Brian for getting so many like-minded people in a room and keeping the atmosphere upbeat and the sessions so varied."

— Drew Neisser, 2016 Workshop Headline Speaker


"Way beyond my expecations!"

— 2016 Workshop Attendee

"I was trying to hold out to the end yesterday to thank you for organizing an amazing experience at Wellness Underground. So grateful to have been part of it."

- S.J.

"It was a wonderful event and fully exceeded my expectations.  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and processing – which is what I was hoping for. Thanks again for all the awesomeness that was Wellness Underground 2016!"

— M.S.