Wellness Underground Words

Wellness Underground has seemed to develop our own way to use some words and somewhat altered or changed their meaning to fit in with our workshop, experience and events. There we go again, doing something out of the box! Some of these words are legit and real, actually all of them are legitimate words or acronyms, some of the definitions on the other hand may be made up, fun, yet very applicable. We wanted to highlight a few of our favorites as well as define them and what they mean to us and specifically in the context of our upcoming event, A People Movement, that is taking place in February of this coming year.

If you’ve been to a previous Wellness Underground Workshop, are there any other words or terms that you would like to add to the list and define them from your experience at the workshop? If so, add them in the comments below! They can be legit or silly...because silly has its place and laughter is necessary.

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Wellness Underground "Dictionary"

Tribe - A group of people connected to one another, sharing ideas or beliefs in such a way that they care for each other. Physical proximity not required!

Community - A group of people bonded together not just by common interests but where there may be a variety of values, ideas and beliefs but where people choose to stick together because they can lovingly and compassionately disagree to the point of understanding the other person’s point of view.

Endutainment - A way of educating others through an experience that is also entertaining.

Sponge Time - A brief time to gather one’s thoughts, ideas, and comments after a thought provoking presentation.

Applications - A time, following sponge time, to work with others to make the ideas and concepts shared during a presentation applicable to real world settings and situations.

Movement - A force that attracts, inspires and compels others to do great work possibly at the expense of their own identity or ego.

Your Story - A message that may seem insignificant to you but yet is powerful to ignite a spark in others and allows you to make connections with people.

[Six-Forty] - Short and sweet succinct presentation often on a topic that you are passionate about and it often includes some of "your story".

Passion - That in-your-gut feeling that makes you do crazy and sometimes out of the box things.

People - A term for a collection of human beings, while still recognizing each human as a unique being.

BAWG - Big Audacious Wellness/Well-Being Goal...you know you want one!

Dinner Entertainment - Anything and anyone is fair game to be the center of attention and on stage to provide amusements or enjoyment for other attendees whilst the community enjoys their culinary provisions. Always a highlight at the Wellness Underground events!

Constructively Disruptive - Productively and professionally questioning and challenging the status quo, and if necessary, evolving or replacing what we have with what we might imagine.

What new words or definitions will develop over then next several months as we plan A People Movement? Just wait and see...and attend the event to join our tribe of an amazing community that seeks to be constructively disruptive to the status quo while having a passion for people! (See what we just did there?!?!) Your turn!