What Makes it Wellness?

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     With a name like Wellness Underground one would think that “wellness” is our focus.  And well, it is. But not in the sense that most people think. We aren’t focused on biometrics and the latest wellness programs or up and coming vendors.  Wellness Underground started out in 2012 to be constructively disruptive to workplace wellness, to invite people to think outside the box of traditional workplace wellness, to push the envelope of what is “expected” in everyday practice, to think of wellness as more than just screenings and weight loss programs, and to create COMMUNITY with other professionals.  With that as our guiding force, we believe we have done that and more in the last five years. In fact, we have been so constructively disruptive that we have pushed OURSELVES outside the box to the point of refining our focus to one main subject: People. And with our refined, yet broader, focus, we still believe that we are about “wellness”. The focus of any good organization has to be centered on the people: people that work or volunteer there, the clients and customers that are served, those that you come in contact with. Wellness isn’t only about exercise and weight, it is about the whole person and whole organization. Wellness includes physical, social, mental, emotional and even financial touch points with those employees, coworkers, clients and customers. Wellness is about checking your ego at the door and putting others before you. Wellness is about offering someone the tools to better themselves. Wellness is challenging and inspiring people. Wellness is about seeking a higher calling than the status quo of an “average” life.  Wellness is about every part of a person and every part of an organization.  True "wellness" seeks to motivate, encourage, inspire and connect.

The focus of any good organization has to be centered on the people...
— Wellness Underground

     Some may think we are deviating from our original mission and goal—and maybe we are a bit. But we are doing exactly what we are asking others to do—think outside of the box, push the limits and embrace the non-traditional. Putting others first and foremost isn’t always the popular opinion or what we are told to do in sales, marketing, or finance. But we think it is the right thing to do. Our name "Wellness Underground" still applies because wellness is about the whole person and much of the time the nitty gritty work takes place underground and behind closed doors.  It takes work and a heart to dig in and do what is necessary to be “well” in your organization. What we’ve found as we have “dug-in” is that we are about PEOPLE.  So to honor our journey we held the last ever “Un-Wellness” Workshop last year and changed the name of our event to be more reflective of what we are about. We love providing an experience where individuals from a variety of fields can come together, learn, be challenged, solve problems, make applications, be authentic and walk away inspired...all to better their workplace, environment and/or organization.  Are you ready to join our tribe? Our next event, A People Movement, is taking place February 11th-13th, 2018 and we have a seat with your name on it!

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