Less Stuff More Substance

Recently we had the biggest commercial weekend of the year with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday.  In light of all of that combined with Thanksgiving, how’s your well-being? Ready to make "Well being Wednesday" a part of next years post-Thanksgiving recovery? No? Me either because I want well-being to be a daily part of my life, not a day in the year or week. It seems fitting after a weekend of stuff and stuffing that we talk about substance.

Less Stuff, More Substance
— Wellness Underground

Many organizations are not that different from your average consumer. Both are drawn to shiny new objects promising more of this, better that, faster, lighter, smaller, enhanced features, more efficient, etc.  Organizations will buy employee programs and benefits and work with vendors and consultants who convince them that they need another thing to be relevant and competitive. There are times when all of that may be necessary; however, would we all be better served if we considered using this as a mantra “Less Stuff, More Substance”. Most workplaces don’t need more programs, more initiatives, more web portals, more distractions. Most employees don’t need more hoops to try and jump through, more programs to try and fit into their busy schedules, or more work to bring home with them. What if we did more with less? What if we actually had meaning and purpose for the people in the organization and the organization itself?

too much stuff.jpg

In our immense desire to help everyone be their best selves, maybe we should sometimes humbly admit that we do too much “stuff". Too many things that offer little meaningful or long-lasting substance. I could go on and on with analogies and examples, but I think it fitting to simply leave it at this: In our quest to help people become their best selves, maybe we should really do more with less and focus more on substance and quality than quantity and stuff.

How can you provide more substance with less stuff? We love that questions and we have some possible answers and ideas!  Our next event, A People Movement, taking place in just two months will dive in this an other important topics related to working with and serving your employees, customers and clients better!

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