It's About The People, People! Meet One of Ours!

Wellness Underground is full of real people!  Real people with common, unique, mundane, exiting and realistic careers.  Real people who find us in a variety of ways. Real people who present us with interesting challenges. Real people who propose some exciting and atypical ideas.  Real people who have goals and passions. Real people who may be burnt out. Real people. We want to introduce you to Mike. Mike represents a real person who is part of Wellness Underground. Maybe Mike is also a little bit like you!

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"Mike has been in the health and wellness industry for 15 years. He’s worked in insurance, for various vendors and now has his own business. He is frequently frustrated by the lack of innovation and inability to think BIG by the industry as a whole. Mike occasionally speaks at conferences and likes to play devil's advocate, but rarely gets anything from wellness conferences. Not a great self-promoter, he often thinks about quitting the whole industry, but continually finds that there are amazing people in it that he wants to help support, mentor and challenge to go beyond "traditional" and find new ways to achieve health and well-being success for people and organizations. Mike heard about Wellness Underground and thought it just might be the place for him...and boy was he right! Through WU he has been able to connect with fellow peers in a new way where he can learn and make choices for himself. He hopes to attend a future workshop because it’s the one event where he actually gets the opportunity to learn with and from other professionals. "

At Wellness Underground, we feel that offline is where the deepest connections are made. This is one reason that we started the "Un" Wellness workshop a couple of years ago. We wanted a place where a variety of people in and out of the wellness industry could come together, create community and maybe start to shift things a little. "You must have community before you can ever even begin to dream of a movement. And you know what moves conversation within a community to advocacy, the fuel for movements? Passion." -Brains on Fire, The Passion Conversation.  That statement hits home with Wellness Underground. It is no secret that we are fans of Geno Church from Brains on Fire. Recently we featured him on the blog here. He was one of our Headline Speakers at the 2016 workshop and he is an integral part of our Headline Speaker lineup and format for the upcoming 2017 workshop.  What was it that we liked about Geno so much before we even met him? His passion for people. Pure and simple. Well, maybe his hair too.

We know that many of you have a passion for people. Maybe your passion is to help people. Maybe it is to guide people. Maybe it is to change an environment for people. Maybe it is to shape the workplace culture to be better for people. Maybe you just want to get to know the people. If you have a passion for people, then we are the place for you!  From the beginning we have set out to be constructively disruptive for the benefit of the people. Those people may be wellness professionals, employees, clients, employers, students, CEOs, volunteers, coworkers or colleagues.  In the end, we feel if we shake things up a bit or turn things upside down in a constructive way, just maybe progress will be made. Another anecdote from The Passion Conversation that hit home with us was "When perceptions change, an amazing thing happens: progress." We are here to change the perception a bit and to keep moving forward--but maybe in a slightly different way. How do we do that? We come together. We talk. We share. We problem solve. We challenge each other. We bring people from the opposite side of the fence to the same place. We inspire each other. We lean on each other. We connect and create community.  This is how the Wellness Underground "Un" Wellness Workshop was born. We wanted a place to do all of those things.  It woluld be awesome if we had all of the answers to solve all of the workplace problems--but we don't! And we are pretty sure that you don't either. But bringing a group of people together will help create a plethora of possible answers and one of those answers might be the right one for you at the right time. 

In their book, Brains on Fire quotes Ed Keller CEO of The Keller Fay Group and co-author of The Face-to-Face Book : "Experiences are the foundation to a long-lasting word of mouth." We couldn't agree more and that is what we strive to do at Wellness Underground.  Create an amazing experience that gets you talking and keeps you talking.  No, not about us or even about the workshop. But about the connections you make, the ideas you walk away with, the problems you solved, the passion you discovered and the people you meet. We want you to take all of that back to your workplace and start making progress with people.  If you want employees, clients and customers engaged, engage with them like people.

In just over a month we will have our third "Un" Wellness Workshop and we can't wait to dig in to the hard stuff with all of our attendees.  This is bound to be the best workshop to date! We have an updated format that will keep the attendees, aka people, engaged because after-all, it's about the people, people. Does this resonate with you? Are you looking for everything we have described? Then contact us to see if there any seats left at the upcoming workshop!