Wellness Underground brings you A People Movement:

The Workplace & The Golden Rule, February 11th-13th, 2018! 

How do you connect with employees, co-workers, customers and clients on a real authentic level? How do you move a group of people towards a common goal or purpose? How do you move beyond a "wellness program" to a culture of wellbeing and productivity? How do you inspire others to become part of your shared values? How does servant leadership inspire others to be more engaged? We believe that to some degree, you should treat others the way you want to be treated. What if businesses and organizations operated that way? Part retreat and part workshop, A People Movement will address all of these questions and more as we spend three days together! We truly believe that "It's about the people, people!...will you be one of our people? Register now!

Our next event takes place February 11th-13th, check back to the site for a recap!



The venue for our event this year is the amazing 21c Museum Hotel set in the center of downtown Durham, North Carolina. Get ready for an amazing experience and great food! Find out more about the event!



With a limit of 40 attendees, you truly get the chance to connect and network with everyone over our three days together, speakers included! Register now for one of the 40 spots we have!

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Our passion for people inspires all of our planning for the event. Get ready for fun activities, passionate presentations and authentic conversations. You will walk away inspired and challenged! Get answers to your questions about the event here!

Overall great experience! So appreciated all of the passionate and smart conversations. Really liked that the message was ‘think differently, get out of your comfort zone, have fun and be bold’.
— 2016 WU Workshop Attendee